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Payment Methods

Due to the frequent questions we receive on a daily basis concerning payment methods, we have decided to bring in this page to simplify procedures for our esteemed clients. Consider this page as the heart of , so we advise that all customers should carefully go through this page before making a purchase, as this will ease your activity on our platform.

NOTE: Packages are only delivered out upon confirmation of Payment!!!

Payment Methods Payment guidelines stated on this page are the frequently used payment methods by thousands of our clients to enable discreet and quick delivery. We always recommend you contact us with your queries in case you find anything confusing on this page and website in general.  Note: All payments are automatic, so regarding all our payment methods, you will have to manually send payment will have to manually send payment

– The safest way to pay is to send cash in envelope by First-Class Mail or Priority Mail.

– We accept Vanilla eGift Card   

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